The Charity Mileage Allowance for 2017 is?

By Roger Chartier:

The year is 2017 and we are asking the age old question... What is the IRS charity gas mileage deduction or allowance for this year?

Well the charity mileage amount that you can deduct from your your taxes was announced to me by the IRS and it is the same old 14 cents per mile. It is unchanged for several years now.

Yep, It was published today and available for your tax planning and use. Next year expect me to publish the new rate around this time of year. For years it was stuck at $0.14 cents a mile.

Don't forget to use the free mileage log from this website. It is required by the IRS that you keep a record of the mileage etc. of you trips.

Download a mileage log here and learn how it works. It's easy to use. Print as many as you want after you download one from here.

How Can Charity Miles Deduction Work For Me?

Well even though the amount is usually smaller than the other two amounts used for deductions it is still worth taking if all else fals into place.

Let's say that the amount is $0.14 per mile driven and you are delivering posters for a charity that is acceptable for the deduciton, then you add let's say the 100 miles at 14 cents per mile and you get a $14.00 deduction. That isn't much but will cover a lot of gas for a smaller vehicle and it is always still $14.00 more than you would have gotten for your expense.

The year 2016 had a business mileage rate that was different at  $0.54 per mile.