The 2018 Charity Mileage Allowance from the IRS

Is the amount of money we can take as a tax deduction for miles driven for legitimate charity in this year. For the year 2018 it is $0.14 cents per mile.
The IRS sets the mileage rate for the year 2018 at the end of 2017.
It is then published by me the day it comes out and that is often in December.

Use a Mileage Log

Download a free Mileage Log here.
You will have to log the miles that you are driving for the charity to take a take the deduction.
We have to use a Mileage Log to do this.
Before you leave for a trip write in the mileage on your vehicle from the odometer on the dash board. After the trip ends write in the amount of mileage again and later you can do the math to get the total miles driven for the trip.
There are a lot of problems from an IRS audit if you have not kept track of your miles.
Use the mileage log and keep your records safe for the time when they will be needed.