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Big Bike - Boss Hoss

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Big Bike - Boss Hoss

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photo by Leo Dumas

Boss Hoss built bikes with small and big block engines up to the year 2007.

They stopped building the huge bikes and trikes in that year.

They had semi-automatic transmission and reverse. The only other bike we know of with a reverse drive was some of the Honda Goldwings, a big bike.

That is important for getting out of a spot where the bike is too heavy to push it up hill backwards. You riders know what I mean.

This yellow monster above is a 502 big block bike!

It has two gas tanks split in the middle that fill up to 8.5 gallons. The tank set up is the widest I have ever seen and holds more fuel than most bikes would hold, due to the consumption of the massive engine. It uses 22 MPG of fuel.

Normally it has 567 lb-ft of torque, but if that isn't enough you can always add extra goodies such as nitrous kits and more.

The large engine and tall gears give it a very smooth and low vibration acceleration.
The year 2001 brought a one-speed semi-automatic transmission with overdrive and a heel-toe shifter, as well as a reverse gear. The early bikes were 78 inches long but went up to 82 inches offering a lower seat height that took care of the shorter rider and lowered the center of gravity.

I have heard say that the "Stud Hoss" bike cost about $40,000.
By the year 2006, the Boss Hoss company had sold more than 4,000 vehicles including trikes.

It uses an Avon 230 tire. In the beginning, the Boss Hoss used a motorcycle front tire and an automobile rear tire, but that finally got changed to a really wide rear motorcycle tire.

This picture was taken in late July of 2013, in Provincetown, Ma.

This video shows what the Boss Hoss 502 can do.

A Canadian rider is talking about his Boss Hoss 502.