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How To Fix It And Tips For Your Motorcycle


Suzuki Carbs - www.motorcycles123.comSuzuki Carbs - click for larger image

Battery (New) Problem How many times have you gone to your local AutoZone or Walmart to get a new battery for your bike and get told it’s all set to go? You install it, and it starts right up. Great!!!! Off you go. The next day the bike is dead.  "What the #!@%".   Why??? What did I do wrong??? Read Ernie Dube
Battery Problems and Leaks One big problem is that if you didn't use a maintenance charger on the battery throughout the winter storage then you've most likely got a useless battery. I did just this, and although I put a charger on the battery and charged it, and it started fine, I was stranded out in the hinterland for an hour with a non-starting bike, because of  an underpowered battery. Read Roger Chartier
Synchronizing and Tune Up
My 1980 Suzuki GS750 was running like crapola. I took off the carbs because they were leaking gas from the fuel T. and must have needed cleaning. When I got to a problem loosening screws, rather than strip the screw heads and wreck the whole thing, I'd better ask my mechanic Ernie to do it. Read more about carburetor synchronizing and tune up... by Roger Chartier and Ernie Dube
Chain Adjustment On Your Motorcycle I had the opportunity to ride my son’s 1982 Suzuki GS1100 EZ last night, and the first thing he said was, “there’s a noise coming from the bottom of the motor on deceleration. Can you check it out while you are riding?” I thought “great he’s giving me broken bike to ride with my friends”. Read more about chain adjustment on your Ernie Dube
Chrome Cleaning The key to having perfect chrome and a perfect  bike is not to use it and keep it covered in a heated dry garage.
Otherwise, this is for you:
Depending on the bike, I'm sure that you've got some chrome somewhere. When I see a bike that has perfect chrome that is clean the "WOW" factor kicks in for me. Read more about chrome Roger Chartier
Find a Dropped or Lost Screw Ever drop some small screw, part or spring clip and can’t find it?  Here is a solution I found over the weekend.
I dropped a tiny screw on the floor of my garage, and for the life of me I could not find it. This screw could have been purchased through a local dealer, but I kind of needed it right away. I looked all over for it for about 20 minutes. Read more about how to find a dropped or lost Ernie Dube
Lubrication It’s not what you think. I’m talking about dishwashing liquid. It’s by far the best lube when installing rubber things onto metal things. How many times have you tried to get a new radiator hose onto a gooseneck or radiator? How about a fuel line onto a fuel pump or carburetor? Read more about repair Ernie Dube
Motorcycle Front End Alignment Is there such a thing? Absolutely! The easiest way to find out if you have an alignment problem is to look at the wear on the rear tire. If the wear pattern shows excessive wear or cupping on one side more than the other, then it’s a good chance that the bike is not running true or straight. I like to call it “crabbing”. Read more about motorcycle front end Ernie Dube
Oils - What Kind - Right or Wrong Synthetic vs. Organic. Synthetic is a man-made oil that uses very little natural ingredients.
Organic is made from the minerals in the earth. An ever increasing argument in the motorcycle repair business is “which oils are best for my bike”. I will always say “what it came here with”.   Read more oils and choose the right Ernie Dube
Piston Burning Most of the older bikes have the old style point & capacitor system that control the spark to the spark plugs.
If the ignition timing is off, this could cause the spark plug to spark at the wrong time or spark too long.
The spark plug can actually burn a hole through the top of the piston.
Read more about what to do about piston burning... By Ernie Dube.
Sea Foam See this great video about a motorcycle and automotive product. Called Sea Foam. Read more about Sea Foam...By Ernie Dube..
Spark Plugs (Change) You need to buy the specific kind of sparks plugs your bike calls for. Check the gap requirements and if needed regap the plugs using a gap tool available at any auto supply store. You'll need a socket wrench. Get the right deep socket for your plugs.
Read more about how to change spark plugs...By Ernie Dube
Swing Arm Laziness is what I call my latest almost fatal oversight.
Because I have lifts, I find it  much easier to just ride onto it, and strap it down to do all my maintenance.
Read more about a motorcycle swing arm.. by Ernie Dube.
Tire Tips The first thing that anyone notices when they buy tires, whether they are bicycle, motorcycle, or automotive is the shiny stuff that is on side walls & treads. This stuff is called release agent. This is not your friend!
Read more about motorcycle tire Ernie Dube
Trailering  When I have my trailer behind my bike I constantly get asked what it’s like to pull a trailer with a motorcycle. I say “it’s like pulling nothing at all”. If you have the right size bike, and a trailer that is capable of highway speeds you should have no problem.
Read more about motorcycle trailering...By Ernie Dube
Twisted Forks Have your recently had the fork seals or front tire on your bike replaced and found that the bike pulls to one side? It’s a good possibility that the forks are twisted. Read more about twisted motorcycle forks...By Ernie Dube
Whitewall Cleaning Last weekend, I really needed to clean my bike after my version of the “Iron Butt”.  When I got to the tires I panicked. I had no white wall cleaner!!!! Read more about whitewall tire cleaning...By Ernie Dube
Winterizing Let's face it a lot of people put their motorcycles in storage for the winter only to come back in the spring and find a dead and rusty bike. There are a few important things to do before you put your bike away for the winter.
Read more about how to winterize your   Roger Chartier