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  Ernie Dube's Bike and trailer -

Motorcycle Trailers

A free listing of most manufacturer of motorcycle trailer manufacturers. Some trailers are towed behind a motorcycle, and others are to tow a motorcycle behind a 4 wheeler.

We like the ones for cargo and camping.
You can also make your own as this one below demonstrates.
The platform and wheels etc. are from Harbor Freight and a car top carrier from wherever.

Be sure the wheels are highway rated.

On the Right:

1989 Goldwing and Trailer

Bearing buddies keep the trailer's wheel bearings cooler during long hauls.

I know, I know the shoes aren't the best idea for motorcycle riding... but it was really hot out.

It is important to keep the tongue weight below 25 lbs. It should have some weight on the hitch.

The way you balance your load over the axle will determine the "feel" of the trailer when you are riding.

Usually on the highway, the trailer is barely noticeable, but in stop and go traffic in a city, and/or on a steep hill you will be aware of it being there.

Those with an * have camper trailers
Roadman Campers * Roadman Camper - trailmasterinc - - Trike and Trailer in Quebec
For Bro Trailers *
Kompact Kamp *
Trailmaster *
B&F Specialties  *
Lees-ure Lite Trailers  *
Aero Sport Trailers
Third Wheel Trailers
Road Dog Trailers
Goose Classic
D & P Enterprises
 R. E. Plante
American Classic Cargo
American Custom Trailers 
Bike Buddies, Inc.
Eagle Craft
Car Replica Trailers 
Lite Tow Trailers
Stema Custom
Champion Sidecar
Badapple Trailers
Bike Buddy
Tailwind Trailers
Sarasota Trailers
Dasz Enterprises
California Sidecar
Stealth Motorcycle Trailers
Honkys Donkys Trailer Co.
Motorvation Trailers
Kruzer Trailers
N-Line Trailers
American Legend
Cycle Mate
Cellco Motorcycle Trailers
R & W Trailers
Country Trailers
ZZ Trailers
Fibro Concept
Eagle Craft Inc. 20jr.htm
American Custom Trailers
Monogo Trailers