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Trailer a Motorcycle

There are several ways to begin to approach the idea of bringing a motorcycle with you when you drive a car, an RV, or travel trailer. I will review a few methods here.

The Tow-Ster is simple to use. Read the user information in the manuals before use.

It connects to your rear trailer hitch and you load the front wheel of the bike onto the device then strap it in.


The Swivel Wheel single and double wheeled trailers are a great innovation for securing a load such as a motorcycle etc, to the rear of a vehicle without it being able to jack-knife.

The trailer follows the vehicle easily as you turn and twist your way down the road offering no jackknifing.

Backing up is not a problem as it could be with a regular trailer.

The Swivel double wheel trailer is great as well. As you can see, the hitching methods are different.

In some cases the swivel trailers use two ball hitches seperated across some of the width of the back of the towing vehicle or a single hitch with a double ball adaptor and locking safety chains.

Frame Motorcycle Trailer has a 90 inch trailer channel and a 60 inch ramp made from steel.

They have a 1200 pound capacity and are great for a Honda Goldwing or a large Harley and even a smller bike as well. Read more about it...


This Cruiser Lift is a very nice setup if you have the weight loading ability on the rear of your vehicle.

It seems that they are seen on a lot of class A deisel pusher motorhomes but a mobile camper rig might carry them as well. It depends on the weight carrying ability of the rear of your vehicle.

Currently they are selling for just under $3,000 and have three options to add on if you like.

You can also tow another vehicle or a trailer behind your motorhome.

You can check the laws in each state in the link below.  Read more about it.

Here are the state laws for trailering etc.