By Roger Chartier

Instructions For Requester Of W-9

It is a Request for the Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

This nice four paged form is very instructional and gives the most vital information that we need to understand when we are requesting a W9 from someone.

  • Essentially, it is informing us about what is new on this form from the past. Here are some of the titles on the sections of the form.

  • FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

  1. Payment Card and third party network transactions.

  2. Future developments.

  3. Reminders.

  4. How Do I Know When To Use Form W-9

  5. Electronic Submission of Forms W-9.

  6. ITIN Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

  7. Substitute Form W-9.

  8. TIN Applied For.

  9. Payees Exempt From Backup Withholding.

  10. Payments Exempt Form Backup Withholding.

  11. Payees and Account Holders Exempt From FATCA Reporting.

  12. Joint Foreign Payees.

  13. Names and TIN's To Use for Information Reporting.

  14. Notices From The IRS.

  15. Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) Matching.

  16. Additional Information.

Download a full sized iW9 here.


Why We Exist

We want you to be more informed.

A lot of folks panic when they are asked to fill out a W9 form.

My first episode with one left me with a feeling of confusion because I did not read the instructions to be sure of what I was doing.

I just had at it without reading anything and it was overwhelming - never again.
Take a little time to read the instructions and it is very simple to deal with.

Now when I fill one out I simply do it in about a minute.
It gets very simple to deal with these and if you do them often enough it is a breeze!