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Sea Shanty Lyrics, History, CD's and Downloads

For those of you who don't know what a sea shanty or sea chanty is let me tell you. It is a song that was done when the sailors or longshoremen were working. It helped to keep the pace for hauling lines for raising sails and anchors etc, and also for screwing down the cotton (loading cotton into the ships hold).

They had different timings depending on the job of work being done. Sometimes the sailors sang in the forecastle when at rest - Fok'sal shanties.

The History Page is interesting and has some good photos as well as informative text. It describes the various styles of sea shanties and has some great images as well.

The last wooden whaleship still at sea, the Charles W Morgan is pictured here, although she is not going after whales any longer.

There is a very good article about the Mary E the last of her kind and the history of her as well. The Sea Shanty Store is really three stores in one. It has some interesting items to see.