IRS Form Schedule C - Instructions

This is a downloadable 17 page publication.
The Schedule C Instructions are incredibly informative

Seventeen pages of information is actually a huge amount of information, and that scares a lot of people away from downloading it and even looking at the first page.

I assure you that it is not as proponderous as it seems.
Every bit of the instruction publication is laid out in an orderly fashion.

If you have a question it is relatively easy to find your answer!

Download the Schedule C Instructions here.

 Now if you dared to do it, you have an incredible wealth of information at hand.
Over the years the form may have some changes but the link you have should lead you to the latest version.

For the newest information concerning developements related to Schedule C and the instructions and legislation that was enacted after it was published go to this site -

Details - PAGE 2 has much more Schedule C information

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