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United States of America IRS Tax Information

IRS Form 1099-Miscellaneous - Form 1099

You as a payer have to issue a 1099MSC form to any person or independent contractor that you have paid at least $600 in service fees, rent, or any other income payments, including fishing boat proceeds.

Take the time to read the instructions so that you don't overlook anything important.

They should have given you a completed W9 form that states the nature of their business and Soc. Sec. or Tax ID number as well as their address.

It is available as a W9 form in Spanish. You can send them one in advance and request that they fill it out and return in to you before the deadline.

Read about the W9 form here.

This site is an excellent source of what you would want to know about a W9 Form and can answer almost any question about the form and other related forms of a similar nature.

Generally, you are not required to report payments to a corporation.

The 1099-C form is for cancellation of debt.

It is a multi-layered carbon form; therefore, you have to be sure that all information on the top copy is transferred clearly through to the other copies.

Let me suggest also reading the W9 Form Print Page 

Or read  

There is a new 1099 now called the 1099K for the situation where you sell something on Ebay, for example, and the credit card companies or Paypal has to let the government know how much you made on the sale for tax purposes.

The idea is that people are making money with online sales and not paying tax on the money they get.

Read more about the IRS 1099K form at

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