By Roger Chartier

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Where Is My Tax Refund?

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As you know, we don't all get the IRS tax refund checks at the same time.

My parents hadn't gotten theirs yet.

They asked me "Where is my tax refund?" as if I knew... and so I did some research for them.

This is how to find out where your refund payment check is or when you will get it.
Don’t fall for any email scams about your refund! IRS never initiates emails!

The IRS says...

"Whether you opted for direct deposit or asked IRS to mail you a check, you can track your refund through this secure web site.

To get to your personal refund information, be ready to enter your:

  1. Social Security Number (or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

  2. Filing status (Single, Married Filing Joint Return, Married Filing Separate Return, Head of Household, or Qualifying Widow(er))

  3. Exact refund amount shown on your return".

If you don’t receive your refund within 28 days from the original IRS mailing date shown on "Where’s My Refund?" you can start a refund trace online.

If "Where’s My Refund?" shows that IRS was unable to deliver your refund, you can change your address online.

Where's My Refund?" will prompt you when these features are available for your situation. 

Why We ExistRoger Chartier

We want you to be more informed.

A lot of people break out in a nervous sweat and get the shakes when it comes time to file their taxes.

The first time that I tried to file by myself left me with a feeling of confusion because I did not bother to read any information about how to go about it in a fair way, a way that didn't leave me broke and living in a cardboard box in the alley.

I just had at it without reading anything and it was overwhelming. I assure you that after all these years I won't get into a difficult situation like that without any proper info and good forms to file.

Some folks just file as fast as they can to get it over with. They loose out on a bunch of legitimate deductions and allocations that could have saved them a ton of money at tax time.

 I would rather be getting a nice tax refund than pay the IRS a lot of money. Pay attention to the details.

This gal just found out that she is getting a few thousand dollars back in taxes.
Can you see how happy she is?