By Roger Chartier

1099 Software

You can take advantage of your office or home based software to file taxes.
Software for different levels of tax difficulty is available and you might find some free on line tax filing software.

One reason that I say this is the case of a 1099 form. You can not download one and use it. The government forbids it because the red ink isn't useful for their own purposes. So use tax filing software or file on line.


This 1099-MISC is commonly used for several purposes.
One example: If you pay a person who is a sole proprietor more than $600.00 in a year for work or services you must file the form 1099-MISC, etc. See the 1099 Misc Instructions.

Instructions 1099 General - 1099-G Form

General Instructions for Certain Information Returns - 1099-G.
Forms 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498 and W-2G) This covers some new topics like truncated recipient social security numbers, and when you can use them, etc. Read more about the

1099G instructions.
Here is a link to the 1099-G form.

Instructions 1099 A & C

This is the instructions for Forms 1099 A and form 1099 C
It addresses information about acquisition or abandoned or secured property for each borrower that is related to whether you lend money in connection with your trade or business etc.


You can download it here and read more about the 1099 A instructions.
The form 1099 A is designed to be used for the "Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property." That relates to property such as a personal residence or intangible property or intangible personal property with exceptions.


You will see much more info in these instructions for the 1099-B. They are for the proceeds from the broker and barter exchange transactions.
Download the Form 1099-B itself to evaluate the form.
Here are the Instructions for Form 1099-B


Download the instructions for Form 1099-C. The cancellation of debt is the reason to use form 1099-C.
The form asks for the name of the debtor and a description of the debt, etc.


For changes in corporate control, and capital structure situations that you have gotten involved in file this Form 1099-CAP. Read the instructions for Form 1099-CAP
"Any broker that holds shares on behalf of a customer in a corporation that the broker knows or has reason to know based on readily available information has engaged in a transaction of acquisition or control of substantial change in capital structure must file Form 1099-B unless the customer is an exempt recipient...etc."


1099-DIV is used when dividends and distributions are filed. The form is about filing for dividends paid out and distributions. You have to file the Form 1099-DIV if the amount is $10 or more. more. Read these instructions for 1099-DIV.


Is used for filing interest income - It concerns to whom you paid reportable amounts that are reportable in boxes 1, 3, and 8 of at least $10.00 or at least $600.000 of interest paid in the course of your trade or business etc. Read theform 1099-INT instructions and see the 1099-INT form


"Original Issue Discount" is what the 1099-OID refers to.
These are the instructions for IRS Form 1099-OID and it involves 1099 Int as well.
Download the Form 1099-OID to see what it is about.


The form 1099-K is for merchant cards and third party payments. These relate to when you get paid by a company that handles payments for sales on the internet. The Electronic Payment Facilitator (EFP)/Third Party Payer (TTP) handling the money would send you this form.
 Read the over view, and check the Form 1099-K with instructions


The 1099-LTC form is used for "Long Term Care and Accelerated death Benefits".
The page also has instructions for 1099-LTC


The 1099-PATR is for taxable distributions received from co-operatives
 Here are the Instructions for 1099-PATR.


Is filed for payments for qualified education programs (under section 529 & 530). If you are an officer or an employee, or the designee of an officer or employee, having control of a program established by a state or eligible education institution etc. See the form 1099-Q. Read the instructions for the 1099-Q

1099-R + Form 5498

The Form 1099-R is used for distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement, profit-sharing plans, IRAs, insurance contracts, etc. The Form 5498 is available here, as well. Read about both the Form 1099-SA and Form 5498 SA with Instructions.


This form 1099-S is used for proceeds from real estate transactions.  Read the 1099-S Instructions.


The form 1099-SA is used for distributions from an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA.
File form 1099-SA, Distributions from an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA (MA MSA)
. the distribution may have been paid directly to a medical service provider or to the account holder.
A separate return must be files for each plan type
 Here is an over view page with the Form 1099-SA and instructions and for 5498-SA with instructions.

Why We Exist

We want you to be more informed.

A lot of folks panic when they are asked to fill out a W9 form.

My first episode with one left me with a feeling of confusion because I did not read the instructions to be sure of what I was doing.

I just had at it without reading anything and it was overwhelming - never again.
Take a little time to read the instructions and it is very simple to deal with.

Now when I fill one out I simply do it in about a minute.
It gets very simple to deal with these and if you do them often enough it is a breeze!